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YDM University was founded specifically for women like you who desire to transform their lives, careers and relationships from average to extraordinary. Through on-line instructional courses, live Q&As and access to a private forum on Facebook you will develop indispensable skills that will enable you to create more happiness, get more love and generate more prosperity.

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We are dedicated to helping you get what you deserve and have recruited some of the best relationship, career and personal development coaches and psychotherapists from around the country. Study beside the President of YDM University and The Empathy and Resilience doctor, Dwayne L. Buckingham, Ph.D. and learn how to be the best you that you can become.

The YDM instructional program builds upon a foundation of clinical psychological knowledge and skills that integrates real life experiences and practice, and emphasizes empowerment and personal transformation. This foundation equips students to enhance their self-awareness and to walk in their purpose with passion and confidence. 

An important component of the university’s You Deserve More philosophy is to build women up from the inside out.


YDM courses are offered on Thursday nights beginning at 9 pm EST. Each course is 1 hour and 15 minutes long, which includes a 20-minute Q & A session. Additionally, all courses are recorded for students’ convenience.


YDM Foundational

Course Bundle Includes*:

YDM 318:  The Basics of You Deserve More  

YDM 319: Understanding and Embracing Intentional Change

YDM 320: Integrative Approaches to Creating More Happiness

YDM 321: Practical Methods for Getting More Love

YDM 322: Dynamic Skills for Generating More Prosperity


YDM Empowerment

Course Bundle Includes*:

YDM 323: Marriage Preparation 101

YDM 324: Building Individual Resilience

YDM 325: 7 Steps to Financial Prosperity

YDM 326: Driven Success

YDM 327 Survive to Thrive (Stuck to Success in 5 Steps)

YDM 328: Why You Should Throw Out the List

YDM 329: The Power of Self-love

YDM 330: How to Make Boss Moves

YDM 331: How to Fill-in G.A.P. in Your Life

YDM 332: Three Levels of Intimacy: How to Create an Intimate Relationship


Student Discounts  

All students will receive 20% discount off coaching or counseling session with YDM staff   

All students will receive a 10% discount off 1 General Admission Ticket to YDM: Happiness, Love and Prosperity Conference

*Classes are not available individually

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