YDM Talk with Millennials Program


Talk with Millennials are 30-60 minute conversations that occur in person and on several social media platforms including online webinars, Facebook Live and videos on YouTube.

The purpose of Talk with Millennials is to bridge the knowledge and familiarity gap between Millennials and Baby boomers. Millennials are our future. Therefore, we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that they get the happiness, love and prosperity that they deserve.

Facilitators are responsible for ensuring that communication occurs in both ways. 


Talk Topics Include:

  • How to Identify Signs of Abuse

  • How To Date with a Purpose

  • How to Become Your Own Boss

  • Strategies for Thriving Financially

  • Finding Mr. Right

  • Money Management and Growth

  • Goal Planning for the Future

For more information about Talk with Millennials contact Sidney at Sidney@YDMcommunity.com


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