Single Women’s Empowerment Program

Single Women’s Empowerment Program

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The Single Women’s Empowerment Program is a six-month platform that is designed to empower you to overcome personal and/or interpersonal challenges that inhibit you from receiving the love that you deserve. As you reflect on your view of men, commitment and relationships, stop to ask yourself if you are a good judge of character. The easiest way to judge the men you choose to interact with or not interact with is to look at yourself. Do you possess qualities that are required to be married? Are you truly ready for marriage? Do you have any unresolved emotional or psychological shortcomings? Remember that entering into and sustaining a healthy relationship or marriage is only possible if two people are willing to reflect on and address their own emotional or psychological shortcomings.

Through intimate monthly psycho-educational group sessions, bi-weekly process and accountability group calls and access to a private on-line wellness training platform you will be empowered to develop indispensable coping skills that will enable you to care for yourself, heal and prosper in life while also learning how to select quality men, date with a purpose and prepare for marriage.

Connect with The Empathy and Resilience expert, Dr. Dwayne Buckingham and learn how to take care of your body, spirit and soul (psyche) so that you too can adapt under challenging circumstances and solve problems that threaten your chance at finding love.


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Ø “You Deserve More Psycho-education Group” with Dr. Buckingham

2nd Saturday 90 min session (Location: Dr. Buckingham’s office in Laurel)

One of the most challenging circumstances that single women like you face in regards to dating and selecting a lifetime partner is your inability to select and invest in men who are marriage material. It is not uncommon for single women to struggle with distinguishing between great candidates and lifetime partners. Dr. Buckingham combines psychology and education to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself (psycho), select quality men with confidence (education) and date with a purpose (education). Group discussions will focus on mental and emotional shifting and behavioral change. 

You Deserve More: A Single Women’s Guide to Marriage and other books by Dr. Buckingham will be used to enhance group discussions and psycho-educational teachings. Group task and milestones include:

  • Psychological Profile Assessment

  • Customized Dating Plan

  • Marriage Road Map


Ø Process and Accountability Group Calls   

Bi-weekly 60 min session (Location: Zoom) Facilitator: Dr. Buckingham

Each group member will provide an update regarding your progress or lack of. Challenges and solutions will be discussed with group members and Dr. Buckingham will facilitate a brainstorming and solution seeking discussion while teaching the importance of accountability.


Ø Wholly Health Fitness On-line Training

Unlimited Access (Location: On-line) Coach: Toni Restrepo

Without a healthy spiritual, physical and emotional routine it is impossible to live a fulfilling life. Your emotional health and physical fitness are a direct expression of your spiritual health. As we grow spiritually, we are better equipped to handle and enjoy life. By participating in wholly health fitness training, you will be empowered live your life spiritually, emotionally and physically whole. You will have full and unlimited access to all the health and fitness information and encouragement you need to be your best, from the inside out. Training includes:

  • Daily Mediations

  • Mind Renewing Messages

  • Workout Plans w/ Instructional Videos

  • Nutritional Guidance & Plans

  • Monthly Q&A Group Coaching Call

  • Community Support & Accountability


Ø 20% Discount on Individual Counseling with Dr. Buckingham

  • Individual Counseling $96 per 60 min. session instead of $120


Ø FREE PDF copy of Ask Dr. Buckingham: Questions & Answers on Dating and Singleness




$140 – monthly; cancel at anytime

$420 - 3 months

$840 - 6 months PAID IN FULL, plus 1- FREE one-to-one counseling session with Dr. Buckingham valued at $170

[Full Value: $1,420.00; YOU SAVE $580]

The Single Women’s Empowerment Program is an investment in you. Year after year, single women just like you spend a lot of time and money to trying to find themselves and love. This program will not only elevate you personally, but it will also teach you how to lift up others. If you are serious about changing your path, influencing your love life in a positive manner and getting the love that you deserve, take action now!