The YDM Mastermind Circle is a small group of established and aspiring female entrepreneurs who meet monthly with Dr. Dwayne Buckingham on a monthly basis to learn how to create and launch six-figure businesses.

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To apply, simply send an email to with answers to the 5 questions below or through the “Apply to Program” button.

The 5 QUESTIONS you need to answer to apply for this small group are...

  1. What is your business (who do you serve and how)?

  2. How many paying members does your site have and how much annual revenue does your business have?

  3. Why do you think you'd be a benefit to the other members in the group?

  4. Can you stay for each meeting the full 2 hours with a webcam and headset?

  5. If chosen, would you like to pay monthly or for the full 12 months up-front to save $188?

If you're chosen to be part of the group, we'll send you the private call-in information, schedule, and login to access the mastermind area of the membership site where we'll put any other information and recordings.

Everyone in the group will sign a NDA or confidentiality agreement and we will record each call to make it available exclusively for the members of the mastermind group.

The Face-to-Face meeting or Zoom conference will be the on 3rd Saturday of each month from 1 pm to 3 pm Easter